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Drive Sustainable!
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Friday, June 3, 2016

So I met the two Blakes!

I went to the Colorado Springs Superchargers to replace our CSEVC club business cards on each of the charging stations and guess who I meet? Blake Fuller, the race car driver that will be piloting a Model S90D during the 2016 Pikes Peak Hill Climb. He was there with his race car, charging. I was not allowed to take photos of the modified Model S, but I got a selfie with Blake Fuller and his co-pilot, Blake. Blake Fuller promised to send me official photos after the race.

Here's my selfie with the two Blakes, Blake Fuller on the far left, co-pilot Blake in the middle...

And here's Blake Fuller's official racing photo that you may have seen online...

Both Blakes were very friendly, and even talked with me while taking 5,000 phone calls in 10 minutes. His Model S was stripped to a minimum weight, had a roll cage bolted in and was FULL of data acquisition hardware. His biggest problem is battery overheating on the Model S, it's not designed to be a track car. I wished him the best and offered to be his backup driver.

Here's the article about his racing this season...


  1. Really cool. Wish we could see pictures of the car. I think most PP Hill Climb victories for the next 99 years will be electric.

  2. I had to respect Blake Fuller's wishes. It was a white Model S P90D (not Ludicrous) with loads of sponsor's stickers all over it. The interior was completely stripped, the factory seats removed and only two racing seats installed. The sound system was removed, sadly, as I would've played Polka music while racing...

  3. LOL! Imagine future race cars playing sponsored music. This might work especially well on PP where they go by one at a time.