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Drive Sustainable!
Our club members drive all kinds of EVs (Teslas, BMWs, Leafs, Volts, Fords, Fiats, SmartEVs, Jaguars, electric bikes...)

Automotive services, products and member experiences

Tires and wheel services

Many of our members have had good experiences when buying tires from Discount Tire at 1770  Dublin Blvd. in Colorado Springs. They have been especially careful of Tesla jack points and have competitive prices. Please see their location here.

Pro Auto Spa - Powered by Ding Magic. If you have a scuffed rim and don't want to buy a new one, I highly recommend you have the rim refinished. I have used their services personally and highly recommend them. They can correct bent rims and refinish even a powder coated wheel to like-new. You can contact them at 719-272-4242, 4710 Northpark Drive, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. Visit their website at .

Here's my spare that was scuffed:

They found the rim was bent, fixed it:

And the finished rim was like new!

Automotive Wraps & Finishes

Check out Colorado Detail of Denver:


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  3. I will contact Kevin about a "wrap," in white of the roof only of my 2000 Honda Insight, as a method of keeping the car's cabin cooler... Any comments or observations on this idea from the members?

  4. Tesla Wall Connector Installation

    I just had a Tesla Wall Connector installed in my garage. Heretofore I used the cable from the car, which was plugged into a 220V wall socket. The installation of the new Connector is much more tidy and allows me to return the other cable to the trunk. Installation was done by a local (Colorado Springs) electrical contractor ("The Electric Way"). I recommend him (Owner: David Hopayer) to anyone considering installation of such. David has an electric motorcycle!

  5. Does anyone have any recommendations for service/repairs in Colorado Springs? I'm happy with Discount Tire for tires, but I'm nervous about going to even highly rated shops for repairs. I have a Ford Focus, but the local (North side) Ford dealership seemed to have limited, if any, experience with the full EV Focus. Admittedly, it's been over a year since I tried them.

  6. Question for Tesla 3+ owners...I'm thinking the same about getting 235/35R-20 MICHELIN PILOT ALPIN PA4 for Winter from Costco. About $700 cheaper than going with Tesla's Pirelli Sotto Zero 2 in size 235/35R20 and it's easier to get to a Costco than my Tesla dealer with a long lead time appointment.

    I don't plan to drive in show but want the tires for cold dry weather in the winter. I have a ICE Subaru for snow but lots of winter days in Colorado are just cold and dry. I don't plan to take this to snowy areas on purpose but if I'm caught in snow I now they will be good.


    I'll check out discount tire too but wasn't' sure they were Tesla certified with the proper lifts yet.

    1. Update....I can't get those tires at costco anytime soon, so I'm going to Discount tires. They say they can price match....we'll see, but they convinced me they were up to snuff on Tesla jackpots and "certified" so we'll see. Anyone else out there getting winter tires for a Tesla 3+? What about TPMS resetting?

  7. I use Discount Tire with my Model S (well, all my cars) and they're fine. I do not know about having Model 3 "pucks", the Model S doesn't need them. The TPMS sensors should be no problem, I'm not sure what you're asking about.

  8. Looking for certified windshield replacement for Tesla model 3. Tesla will do but needs to keep the car overnight unless I can get an 8am appt in several weeks. Replacement involves calibrating cameras so not just an ordinary replacement process. Has anyone used someone locally in colorado springs?