Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
Our club members drive Teslas, BMWs, Leafs, Volts and electric bikes

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day was chilly but we had cars!

The Sustain-A-Fest started out cold but got warmer as the day went on. Our club had a Spark EV, a Leaf, a BMW i3 and a few Teslas. John Duprey showed his selection of electric bikes. Thanks to everyone who attended please visit the event page for the photos.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

New member Michelle Popejoy, our first Ford EV!

Our latest member, Michelle Popejoy, has a 2014 Ford Focus Electric and charges from Colorado Springs. Please make her welcome when you see her!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Excellent information about EV battery degradation

I found a great video that discusses Tesla battery degradation here. It uses information gathered from Tesla owners of years of ownership, and you'll be pleasantly surprised as to the lifespan of the Tesla battery (Cliff Notes version: 7% degradation was observed even after 100,000 miles).

-Wilson H.

Check out the Events and Calendar page!

Just in case you haven't visited our Events and Calendar page lately, it's getting pretty full with car show news as we get it. You'll have a show to attend almost every weekend this year until October, so make sure you check it out as often as you can. I consider it one of the most useful things we do here at the CSEVC!
-Wilson Hitchings
CSEVC Website Admin

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

PPIR run for your car

Hi Wilson,

At the last CSEVC meeting, I mentioned the upcoming local autox. Registration and more info for the May 21st event is now available here:

PPSCC autocrosses are designed to be fun and are great for beginners. It is happening at Pikes Peak Raceway just south of the Spring. Any car can run (though I'm not sure about the Model X SUV). People just need to clean the loose stuff out of them. Loaner helmets are available at the event.
I think the EV club members might have a good time tossing their cars through the cones with all the torque available from 0. Let me know if I can provide any other info.

Jeff Schmoyer
Member #84

Anticpated Model 3 upgrades

David McNeil sent me an article about the anticipated Tesla Model 3 upgrades and costs, it's quite interesting. View it here.

Sustain-A-Fest (April 22) has LOTS of room!

CSEVC Founder, Mac McCauley, and myself, visited the Sustain-A-Fest location on N. El Paso St. in Colorado Springs this week and discovered that it appears we have plenty of room for whomever wants to exhibit their cars. If the organization gives us the room they've planned on, anyone and everyone can come on down!

Please visit our Sustain-A-Fest Event Page for specific details and a map. The event is on April 22.

I'm getting confirmation that we will have the space allotted, but it looks like it's open season on showing your car. I'll send out a final invitation with firm information this week. If you haven't planned on showing your car (the weather looks GREAT this weekend in Colorado Springs), please think about it.

-Wilson Hitchings