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Drive Sustainable!
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Monday, November 7, 2016

Club Holiday Lunch - Nov. 12, update

This is a re-post of our Nov. 12th club meeting at Glen Eyrie, and I'm happy to announce we're very close to our 30-person reservation. Please read below and notify Mac McCauley (if you haven't already) that you'd like to go. We have many new members since the plans were made, so we hope they can make it!


Hello all members of the Colorado Springs Electric Vehicle Club (CSEVC)! 

Mac McCauley here!  NEWS!!

Fellow club member James Harrell has been wanting for us to have a Thanksgiving and Christmas party/meeting, maybe at Glen Eyrie Castle, here in Colorado Springs.  We, your club’s leadership, could not get our act together.  By the time we got organized, EVERY date in December had been booked.  Finally, today, we met with the Glen Eyrie events coordinator.  We decided that an evening event would cost far too much, so:

We will have our normal November meeting there!  We paid the required deposit for 30 people.  We are on the schedule!

You can view the Glen Eyrie website for further information on the castle here:

The monthly meeting of the Colorado Springs Electric Vehicle Club will be (second Saturday) November 12th at 11:30 AM, INSIDE THE CASTLE in Glen Eyrie Castle, Colorado Springs.  

This will be a sandwich BUFFET, consisting of chips, potato salad, fresh fruit, sandwich bar with condiments, water and soda.  The cost, which we have already paid, is $17.32 per person, including tax.  So that I don’t have to make change for everyone, if you could just give me $20, we will put the other $2.68 toward making more club business cards, paying for the club web site, etc.  

Please note:  You should not just show up at the door expecting to get in.  You MIGHT get in, but maybe not.  You must let us know you will attend.  I will answer your email by saying you are IN!  Only then will your name will be on the list.  

Question:  What if less than 30 people show up?  Answer:  I will find people to make up the difference.  (And I probably will not do this again).

Question:  What if MORE than 30 people want to attend?  Answer:  As long as I know who is coming IN ADVANCE, we can change the number of attendees, so all is well.

CHECK YOUR CALENDAR!  If you can make it, just let me know who you are and how many people will be there.  Just click here to open an email to me:

Remember, it is not official until I answer your email and tell you that you are on the list.

DETAILS:  On November 12th, you cannot enter prior to 11 AM.  The meal starts at Noon, the event is over at 1:00 PM.  The event will be in the King James Room, inside the castle.  Should you like to walk about the grounds, you are welcome to do so after the event.  Park near the castle, there is plenty of parking.  NOTE:  DO NOT PARK
NEXT TO THE HILL!  Bighorn sheep and mountain goats scramble about up there and knock down rocks on cars!  When we visited today, there was a HUGE wild bighorn sheep walking around the grounds! 

I will send you a reminder and a more newsy email next week.

Be sure to check out YOUR club’s website, 

My undying thanks to Wilson Hitchings, our webmaster, who keeps the site so interesting!!

See you all next month!!!!  


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