Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Thursday, November 17, 2016

An inexpensive friend

This is a tread gauge. It's a simple device that can tell you how worn your tires are, and even if they're in alignment or need to be rotated. I bought this one at Autozone for $3 (I think) but have been given one when buying tires. After a year of owning a Model S, my tires are just barely in the green (which means I'll be buying tires before next year's Tesla Rally). If the tread reading is the same for all four tires, you are rotating them properly (or you have Tesla's AWD). If the tread reading is the same at all tread points on a tire (center and outside tread grooves), your tires are properly aligned. If the center tread groove is significantly different than the outside groove, you're wearing your tires out prematurely (either by alignment issues or under/over inflation).

As we approach the Winter, I advise checking your tires with a tire gauge. I have All-Seasons on my EV, but this year was the first time I've purchased snow tires for my ICE vehicle. Snow tires are pliable below 40 degrees F, so if you plan to drive in snow a lot they are recommended.

-Wilson Hitchings

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