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Drive Sustainable!
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mark's Tesla Service Experience

I received this message from Mark Holzrichter, our member, about his Tesla service experience:

Hi Wilson,
Delete this if you don't want to take time to read about a Model S problem and resolution.
I work one week a month at a facility near Yoder CO including 3 miles on dirt roads to get there. Last Thursday as I left work near Yoder my Model S made loud noises like fingernails on a chalkboard. The sound seemed to come from the left front wheel. I stopped, felt around the wheel and found a plate covering the inside of the brake rotor that made the same pitch when I twanged it. I called Tesla service, drove 3 mph and let him listen. He said it sounded like a rock got where it did not belong, and he could send service to rescue me or I could drive home. He notified Mobile Service to make an appointment.  He said the car would tell me if I needed to stop for safety. I decided to drive home. Thinking it over I started by going in reverse at 12mph for a few yards. The noise stopped and only returned the next morning at the second stop sign. I returned home, parked, and took my wife's minivan to Yoder. Mobile Service called 2 hours later, came to my house an hour after that, removed 2 rocks, test drove it, topped off fluids, and charged me nothing even though it's past 50,000 miles, and maybe not Tesla's fault. I'm a happy camper.
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This week I met Nick who told the inspiring story of being the first Model 3 reservation in CO. He's had his Model 3 for 3 weeks. It's a nice red that looks to me like a special color only for early reservations. He said his Dad got the same car.
I'm pleased to now see Model 3s as often as I see Xs and Ss.
Happy driving.

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