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Drive Sustainable!
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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Latest communication about Custer, SD

This email was sent by Mac McCauley to the known attendees of the Custer, SD Rally this year:

Hello!  I am Mac McCauley, president of the Colorado Springs Electric Vehicle Club, in Colorado.  I am the owner of one of the ORIGINAL 10 Teslas who attended the very FIRST Custer SD Tesla Rally in 2014.  Sorry that I have used the email list of attendees kindly provided by the Custer Chamber of Commerce to contact you.  I will not keep or share your email address beyond just this one email.  I am contacting all attendees with some information:

Since you will be attending the Custer Rally this year, there is something that is sort of fun to do while traveling, if you want to do it. At the very FIRST Custer Rally in 2014, SOMEONE from California (I have forgotten his name) dreamed up a way for all of us to keep track of each other while traveling IF YOU WANT. He created a GLYMPSE BANG TAG (also known as a Glympse Public Group). First you download the GLYMPSE app onto your smartphone, then go to the main menu (3 lines up at the left top of the app), down to PUBLIC TAGS, then enter this text: !soundofsilence. That is the exclamation mark (!) and soundofsilence without any spaces (enter). Then go to the big G at the bottom of the app and touch SHARE. Choose how long you want to share your locations (up to 12 hours at a time), then hit SHARE. Done. Now if you look on the map, you can see where you and EVERYONE using the SOS bang tag is IN REAL TIME! If you don't want people to be able to see where you are, just turn it off.

Now, get this: You give your friends and relatives who are not going with you this URL:

Now, anyone with ANY web browser on any computer or phone can see where you are and where other participants from all over are located. Tons of fun for friends and relatives to know where you are RIGHT NOW!  BTW, you can call up that web page in the Tesla Model S or X web browser WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING. If you have a Model 3, TOO BAD, no browser!

The constant updating uses some additional cellular battery and data. In my experience, it is not bad, but you might want to plug in your phone while traveling and check your data usage if you are on a tiny data plan.

This is quite handy, because if most everyone going to the Custer Rally uses Glympse, you will be able to see what participants (if any) are at superchargers as you approach them and where everyone else is located. Sometimes you will find a travel buddy going the same way. I will try to keep sharing my location from now on until the end of the rally. I changed my "handle" to Mac & BJ. We live in Colorado Springs and will travel on May 17 (Thursday) and May 20 (Sunday). See you there, please be sure to say hi!   

Mac McCauley (and wife, BJ)
We are driving our Signature silver Model X, and we also have a Model 3.

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