Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Monday, March 13, 2023

The latest anti-EV article from Bloomberg

Remember all the anti-lithium articles from car makers and oil producers about 10 years ago? I still see them quoted even today by people who don't like EVs. We all know the chant: by buying an EV, you're contributing to child labor in the Congo. 

There's a new attack on EVs, with misinformation, and it's on the aluminum used in EVs. Visit the link below to a new Sam Alexander video that explains how the latest article is deceptive. The short answer: while trying to say EVs are bad because they use aluminum, Bloomberg fails to tell you that the gasoline version of the Ford F-150 Lightening uses MORE aluminum than the EV version does. Propaganda at its best, folks!

Video: .

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