Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Friday, November 5, 2021

All cleaned up!

 As part of moving to a new laptop, I was forced to export/import all my email addresses to the new email program I use. I then compared all the addresses to what I have on file for the CSEVC mailing list and found several issues.

About a dozen of our members haven't been getting our emails, either because they've changed email addresses (e.g., moved jobs) or their email systems rejected our messages enough times that Mailchimp has given up on sending messages to that address. I have contacted as many of those individuals as I can to see if we can fix the problem.

One common issue is that anyone using a email address is getting rejected. For some reason, thinks our Mailchimp server is on a "blacklist". I'm not sure anyone in particular is going to be able to fix that with them, so I suggest you create a new email address at GMAIL for our newsletter and messages. Who knows how many emails you are missing due to their system?

If you have changed emails lately, or are sending our messages to an address that you don't check frequently, please update your information with me at info AT CSEVC.COM . 

-Wilson Hitchings

P.S. Windows 11 is interesting, by the way.

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