Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Monday, October 5, 2020

EV Trip data from Mark H

 I just got a great email from Mark Holzrichter about a trip he made recently, including energy usage. He's also the source of the trip data on our blog ( ).

Here's his message:

Hi Wilson,

You were pleased to receive energy/mileage data from our trip years ago.  Here's another batch from last month.  I'm including odometer readings to brag about how much we've used our car.

Feel free to publish this in, or ignore it.  It's certainly not as valuable now that there are so many Super Chargers, multiple EV trip planners, and the in-car navigator is smarter.

Again I used  I used to donate each time we used it for a trip, but the donate button is gone.  I tried but it thinks my car uses much more energy.  But it does have a nicer output.  Do you still use any trip planner besides the car's navigator?

By the way, we used Tesla Destination chargers in Ouray at KJ Wood Distillers, in Silverton at the Wyman Hotel, and ChargePoint chargers in Palisade and at the Montrose Recreational Center.  We love KJ Wood.  All four in Silverton were blocked by ICEs but I was able to back into an adjacent diagonal parking (maybe not a legal maneuver) to get the cord to reach.  There's no EV preference marking for the parking in Palisade, but the spots were open.  The charger in Montrose seemed even slower then most (204V 19A => 12 RMPH).

Driving over Red Mountain Pass and Monarch Pass made me feel like that's what the car was designed to do.  Such a joy.


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