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Drive Sustainable!
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Friday, August 31, 2018

OMG - an i-Pace is going to the show!

HOLY SMOKES FOLKS - I never thought I'd get to see one but at this Saturday's car show on Powers Blvd. in Colorado Springs a Jaguar i-Pace will be on display. You must contact the dealership for a test drive later that day, but there will be one at the First Saturday's Car Show. Seeing Jaguar's first all-electric vehicle would be worth the trip from anywhere. Thanks to our club member Chaz Clark for the notice.
Here's the official notice from Jaguar, courtesy of Chaz:
Usually we only get to see prototype vehicles on TV or in a magazine, but now, you have an exclusive chance to see one in person and drive it next week!
We would like to invite you to a very special, sneak peak of a prototype, pre-production version of the All-New 2019 Jaguar I-PACE, the first all-electric car from Jaguar. We will have the I-PACE at the First Saturday Car Show this Saturday, September 1, 2018. After the Car Show we will have the I-PACE at our dealership for exclusive test drives for our clients until Thursday, September 6th.
Please stop by Jaguar Colorado Springs between Saturday, September 1st and Thursday, September 6th, to test drive this exclusive vehicle.
This is a limited time event so don't wait or you'll miss out!

From Your Friends at Jaguar Land Rover Colorado Springs
719.237.6891 Internet Mobile

Jaguar Land Rover Colorado Springs
565 Automotive Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
719.302.1000 Main line

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