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Drive Sustainable!
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Monday, March 12, 2018

Would YOU think of this?

I follow this guy on YouTube and he finally ran out of energy in his Tesla Model S...

His 12v battery died while he was sitting on the side of the road, Tesla sent a tow for him (since he's out of warranty, it cost $311). The interesting thing is that he gave advice I would never have thought to do if you run out of energy (so there's nothing to charge the 12v battery with):

  1. Have a screwdriver available for nosecone cars to pry off the nosecode in 2015 and older cars - that's where the 12v jumper terminals are.
  2. Before the car/12v dies, use the screen to open the charge port!
  3. Before the car/12v dies, put the car in TOW mode so it can go on a flatbed; you MUST chock the wheels after doing this because TOW mode is neutral!
I never would've thought to do those things...I'm going to put wheel chocks and a screwdriver in my car now.

-Wilson H.

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