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Drive Sustainable!
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Monday, February 6, 2017

AAA now offers emergency charging for EVs

A close relative attended a AAA (Automobile Association of America) presentation this past weekend and discovered something great - AAA claims to now have the only mobile EV charging service vehicle in Colorado.

Despite the sign on the side of the truck below, my relative was ASSURED by AAA that if you have a Tesla, they can charge you at the 80-amp rate. Apparently the truck has a natural gas generator and you get a minimum range/time charge for your call. AAA roadside assistance says you get 15-20 minutes of charge (at 80 amps) per call. AAA was incorrect that they thought that would give you 50-60 miles of range (it won't) but it's good to know that they offer the service. An 80-amp charge will maybe/kinda-sorta give you about ONE mile of range per minute for a Tesla, so the AAA charge is worth about 15 miles. If I got stuck to the point of needing a AAA emergency charge, I think I'd offer the driver some extra $$$ to get another 15 minutes but that's up to each of us.

From the photo below, it appears that AAA is using a Clipper Creek EVSE, most likely a J1772 charger. The SAE J1772-2009 connector specification can, indeed, go to 80 amps at the plug.

-Wilson H.

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