Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Maybe I understand it now...

I'm sure the engineers among us will point out the details, but many of our members responded to my request for a comparison to commercial chargers and home charging. My takeaway is:

40-amp (at the plug) home charging is 10kW.
80-amp (at the plug) home charging is 20kW.

40-amp and 80-amp take into account the 80% rule for electrical circuits, meaning a 40-amp charger uses a 50-amp breaker in your panel (and a 100-amp breaker for the 80-amp).

The commercial charger mentioned in a previous post was lots more than those.

So my remaining question:

What's the kilowatt rating for

Tesla Supercharging (I thought I heard 120kW), Chademo and CCS Combo charging?

(and I don't mean to confuse us even more, but the DC Fast Chargers are all...DC. Home charging is AC, so may I assume AC vs. DC doesn't change the kilowatt rating?)

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