Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Is your EV truly greener than a gas car?

The rumors about the carbon footprint of an EV vs. a gas car have been floating around the last few years. "Coal powered cars" was a comment from Mr. Lutz from General Motors, I believe. Well, I subscribe to a YouTube channel called Fully Charged, based in the UK. The latest episode had two interesting graphs for EV owners (see below). They show two things:

1) The footprint to manufacture an EV is about the same as a gas car, and the battery production adds a small amount over that. The operating CO2 footprint, however, is over 50% less for an EV. Don't let someone tell you an EV is the same pollutant value as a gas ain't so!

2) Interestingly, a homeowner's purchase of solar panels is statistically linked to buying an EV! Many people that buy an EV end up buying solar panels - and vice versa!

The link to the Fully Charged YouTube channel is here and the graphs are below. I suggest you print off the graphs and take them to your next car show.

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  1. Even if my EV runs on coal, at least when you follow it, you aren't driving in its plume.