Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Check out our sister website, Southwest Tesla Rally!

There have been enough Tesla events in our area to warrant a website for everyone to get information on trips, rallies and events in the Southwest region of the United States. While Colorado is technically in the Mountain region of the US, most people think the Southwest includes us.

I've checked Google and the Telsa forums and could not find a single, FREE place to list events in our general area. Please visit our related website, for the latest information. If you know of any municipal or state-wide Tesla clubs that should be listed, let them know about the website and we'll add them.

In order to prevent double-update, our own club's link to the Sound of Silence trip to Custer, SD points to the new website. Other than a brief mention on our Calendar & Events page, the detailed information will be on, not on our blog.

Thanks to Mac McCauley for providing much of the content for the Colorado pages.

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