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Drive Sustainable!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Should our club attend a car show?

There is a great car show on Sunday, Aug. 19, in Old Colorado City, CO at Bancroft Park. It's an all-day show, has good attendance and has lots of shops and restaurants nearby. The entire downtown area of Old Colorado City is blocked off for this large event. Formerly known as the Good Guys Car show, Ace Entertainment has revived it and they like car clubs to exhibit their cars.

If any club members would like to attend, we need to enter the show all at once in order to park together. It would be a great event for all our members as it's local to Colorado Springs, so we should be able to get a variety of vehicles. There's a $35 entry fee prior to the day of the show and you can register online here. We need to go as a group if we want to park together, so if you register early let me know. We would all need to arrive at 7:00am when they start staging the cars. You have to stay at the show until 3:00pm, so be aware that this isn't a "cars & coffee" event where you can leave at any time.

If our club is interested, we can send out an email with more details. Please contact me at if you think you might want to go. We've already had a few say yes!

-Wilson Hitchings

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