Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Members - Keith and Kristin Woestehoff

Hello and Happy New Year's Eve. My wife and I just bought a new Tesla model S 75 D. We also own a 2013 Lexus 450H. We live in Palmer Lake, Colorado and would like to join the local EV club. The Tesla is the most amazing car we have ever driven. We look forward to meeting other members and sharing our enthusiasm. 
When Kristin and I went to the Park Meadows Mall to test drive a Tesla, we met a couple in the parking lot by the Super Chargers. They were thinking about trading their model S for a model X. Since they were owners, naturally we had lots of questions and talked for a while. They live in Colorado Springs. I think his name was David but not sure. Since we were prospective buyers and live in El Paso county, he gave us a business card for the Colorado Springs EV Club. After test driving, my wife and I both said OMG, we have to have one and the rest is history. 

I have made visits to the CSEVC web site.  Lots of good information.
Keith and Kristin Woestehoff

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