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Drive Sustainable!
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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Yowsa! New Tesla owners beware!

Holy Smokes, I just got my licence plate renewal notice for my 1-year old Tesla. Nearly $1,300.00 to keep my plate. Does anyone know if there is a fee levied on EVs because we don't buy gas?
-Wilson Hitchings

Post Update from Tom Mealey:

I found this page in El Paso county web.

The first table is for sales tax when we bought our Tesla.

The second table is annual ownership tax.  This is where they nail us. It decreases based on vehicle age.

The third table is the actual license fees.

I did not see any fees for electric vehicles.   


  1. As I remember, there's a formula shown on a Colorado Gov't web site that's based on price of the car, and years since it was new.

  2. There is an additional $50 added to the license fee for a "plug in electric vehicle."