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Drive Sustainable!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New favorite Tesla tire place!

I couldn't make it to the Evans Ave. Tesla service center for a tire rotation, so I tried my local Discount Tire store at Vickers & Academy Blvd. in Colorado Springs. They never had serviced a Tesla before but turned out to be very good at it. I gave the technician the instruction page from the Tesla manual and then watched him like a hawk. They lifted the car exactly where they were supposed to, found a screw in my tire (causing a slow leak) and fixed it, and rotated the tires.

I say give them a try for local Colorado Springs tire work. I've used them with my [somewhat] rare convertible with good results.

Oh - if you ever rotate your tires yourself, you have to reset your TPMS sensors using Controls -> Settings (or something like that).

-Wilson Hitchings

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