Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Sunday, August 5, 2018

From the Tesla Forum - Bandimere

I know this should be on the Colorado club forum, but, with flood of Model 3 deliveries, not all new owners can access that club site yet. And besides, for all you non-Coloradans, can you say ROADTRIP. Anyway, this Wednesday (Aug 8th) will be ‘official’ unofficial Tesla night at Bandimere ( Eric is going to bring a 3P, Dan will bring his SP100DL, I will bring my lowly S85 and you will bring your ???. Admission is $12 for spectator and $30 to drive, You can get a $5 discount if you have a CSP lanyard which you can pick up at some metro area CSP offices (google ‘csp take it to the track’). If you are going to drive, you need to wear shoes, shirt and long pants, if you show up in shorts and flipflops, they won’t let you race. If your car does the ¼ mile in less than 14 seconds (basically every Tesla ever made), you will need an approved helmet, but they can be rented at the track. Sorry for the short notice. So, be there or be square! This thread is cross posted on the S, X, 3, Colorado forums.

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