Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Monday, July 30, 2018

Hydrogen Vehicle at Rosie's

This past Sunday I attended the Rosie's Diner Car Show in Monument, CO. This is an annual benefit show for the Monument Police Department. I exhibited my dinosaur-goo car that day but was fortunate enough to be parked behind the only Toyota Mirai I've ever seen. It's apparently owned by NREL (Department of Energy). I learned quite a bit about the vehicle from the company employee that drove it, although I knew more than he did about some things. I took home some of the NREL brochures on hydrogen fuel cells, I'll be happy to share them at a future event. In brief, creating/extracting hydrogen for fuel cell use isn't clean - it either requires lots of electricity or the biomass methods create greenhouse gas. The brochures provided were clearly portraying EVs and hydrogen vehicles as complimentary technologies, but several were over 5 years old and didn't account for battery advances (such as Tesla's 100 kw battery pack). Interesting vehicle, however. My displayed car is the last photo.
-Wilson H

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