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Drive Sustainable!
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Get a headlight polishing kit!

Anyone who drives in Colorado knows about road rash and scratches. In my case, an unobservant (let's say uncaring) SUV driver decided to park waaaay too close to my Model S and left me a present when she got Junior out of the back seat of her land barge.

I have learned to remove many scratches and rock pits from paint using a headlight lens polishing kit and Meguiare's Scratch-X 2.0 polishing compound. Superficial scratches and clear coat problems can be removed with a cordless drill and some patience. Deeper scratches (see below) require touch-up paint before polishing. While the repair isn't perfect for deep pits, you'll never notice them unless you know where they are, which is good enough for me to avoid repainting a body panel or hood.

-Wilson H.

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