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Drive Sustainable!
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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Tesla owners - want fancy lights?

I'm an honorary member of the Irish EV Club on Facebook, and one of their members made me aware of a replacement puddle light for a Tesla Model S or X. They're available on Amazon (links below) and shipped directly from China. The replacement light shows the Tesla logo on the ground when the door is opened (see the photo below). The maker has puddle lights from many manufacturers so just look for your brand.

A couple of notes: I bought a Harbor Freight dash trim removal tool to get the light out. I think plastic/nylon removal tools are preferred to prevent scratching your leather/plastic around the light, but my son-in-law got the lights out using the metal Harbor Freight tool with no damage. I will happily share my tools with anyone that wants it, don't buy one for yourself unless you want to.

Also: the box of replacement lights included an extra accessory light that is MUCH brighter than the OEM lights I got from Tesla - it's one LED (Tesla) vs. four. After replacing my hatchback lid light with the new one I ordered a set of four to put in the trunk/frunk/glove box. Highly recommended!

-Wilson Hitchings

Here are the links:

Tesla brand puddle light:

Four LED replacement light kit:

Nylon dash trim removal tool:

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