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Drive Sustainable!
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Monday, August 21, 2017

Pikes Peak EV Climb - this Saturday!

Hello all members of the Colorado Springs Electric Vehicle Club (CSEVC)! 
Mac McCauley here!  NEWS!!
Did you all see the ECLIPSE yesterday??  Celestial show!  Did anyone go up North to see the totality?  See any other EVs?  Take any photos?  Send them to Wilson!  If so, we will put some on the website!  Thanks! 
Saturday August 26:  The THIRD annual Milo Eckles EV Drive Up Pikes Peak!  (Milo started this thing, three years ago).  This year, this VERY POPULAR rally takes place THIS Saturday, August 26, 2017.  Put it on your calendar now!  All Leafs, BMWs, electric bikes (??), etc., are invited and CAN try to make it to the top!  All EVs are welcome.  If you cannot make it to the top, just pull off, park, and hitch a ride with one of our friendly EV club members!  Get dropped off on the way down, and regen plenty of power when driving back to Colorado Springs!  This is THE ONE EV trip that ANY EV can be part of!  Can’t make the top?  Just stop and hitch a ride!  No sweat!  Tons of fun!  Be there or be square!  It is truly one of the most fun EV events every year!  We have been given approval for this rally by the mountain itself!  DISCOUNT:  Normally $15 per adult and $5 per child, WE GET:  $10 per adult and $2 per kid! 
Now here it is:  The PLAN for the CSEVC Pikes Peak Hill Climb:
• The trip up Pikes Peak is LESS than 30 miles, one way!  SHORT DRIVE!  Teslas: Tesla owners will probably not need any additional charge to make the top.  Come as you are.  OTHER EVs:  Give your car a MAXIMUM charge and hope for the best.  LOTS of Leafs have completely made this trip!  The drive back will regen TONS of power all the way back to Colorado Springs!   
• Meet up: 11 AM! If you want the DISCOUNT, you must go through the entrance gate in a group!!  Please meet up at the parking lot near KFC, 3101 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs. This is actually the Southwest corner of the intersection of 31st Street and Colorado Avenue. There is easy entrance onto Highway 24 from there. We will chat for about 30 minutes with the other EV owners! I will be there to lead the group up! 
• Around 11:30 AM: Off we go!  I will lead the group, (necessary, since I have the group discount paperwork).  If you are driving a shorter range EV, and are worried that you do not have enough charge to make the top, get directly behind me.  Long range vehicles:  Bring up the rear!  Short range vehicles:  If it becomes clear that you CANNOT make the top, TURN ON YOUR EMERGENCY FLASHERS!  That will let those long range vehicles behind you know that you are about to bail.  Pull off at any parking place, lock your car, and get a ride to the top with a friendly club member behind you. 
• Lunch: You can get something to eat at the summit house.  We probably will not be able to eat in a group, due to all the tourists.  Find someone you like and eat with them!  Buy souvenirs, such as , “I made it to the top!” Take photos, weather permitting.  Some places at the summit actually have cellular service!  Depending on your carrier, you may or may not be able to make a call.  Results are variable!  Walk around the summit and see if you can get a bar. 
• When most people are ready to leave, we will depart, although you may stay as long as you want, up to closing time.  Go down slowly, not in a group, pull off, look around, take photos, take your time, then return to Colorado Springs.  The end. 
• PLAN AHEAD!  Temperatures at the summit will vary from chilly to DARN COLD!  Break out some cold weather gear.  I took a light jacket last year and it was inadequate!  Mid-heavy coats, knit hats and gloves are recommended!  The WIND may be howling!
See you on Saturday!
Be sure to check out your club’s website, CSEVC dot Com
 My undying thanks to Wilson Hitchings, our webmaster, who keeps the site so interesting!!
 Questions?  Comments?  Compliments?  Email me.  Complaints?  Email Wilson.  (Heh heh).

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