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Drive Sustainable!
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Possible Winter Activity

Hello all members of the Colorado Springs Electric Vehicle Club (CSEVC)! 

Mac McCauley here!  NEWS!!
Denver Tesla Club and the Colorado Springs Electric Vehicle Club buy lunch for the Service Technicians at the Denver Tesla Service Center:
An idea hatched by member of BOTH clubs, Elizabeth Nguyen, who lives in Denver, was to take up a collection and buy lunch for the ~40 employees at the Denver Tesla Service Center (Evans Ave. location).  Both clubs decided it WAS INDEED a good idea to show some love for these guys and gals who take such good care of our Teslas.   
So, in a joint CSEVC/DTC love fest, we decided to take up a collection and bought a HUGE lunch for the Service Techs on December 21st.  Three members of the CSEVC drove to Denver to attend this event to meet and thank the Tesla Techs!  If you would like to see photos of the happenings, they are posted on YOUR club’s website:
CSEVC member Jim Riggins has been watching the progress of TWO new Colorado Tesla superchargers!!  One is in Loveland and the other is in Brush, CO.  Did you know anything about these?  Go to and check them out!  The Loveland supercharger is a TEN-position supercharger, the transformer has been installed already.  It is presumably waiting on some fencing around the cabinets and an inspection then DONE!  Maybe by year-end?  Hmmm.  Jim thinks a ROAD TRIP is warranted to CHECK IT OUT whenever it comes on line.  The Brush, CO (I-76) supercharger is well underway in construction, and is an 8-position supercharger.  It is not as far along as Loveland.  When these open, there are two schools of thought: 
1.    Drive up the instant someone says they are working!  Be the FIRST there if at all possible. 
2.   Since most of us work, and cannot just take off at a moment’s notice, form a posse and drive up on the first Saturday AFTER one of them opens.  We would not be the absolute first chargers, but we would be PRETTY EARLY! 
I think that everyone would agree on option #2.  Therefore, be alert to emails from this club!  I will send out a blast email announcing that so-and-so supercharger is reported to be open, so let’s go on a ROAD TRIP the very next Saturday.  Leave from Denver at (so and so time), leave from Colorado Springs at (such and so time), meet at Loveland about so-and-so time.  Decide on a place to eat, have lunch, charge, drive home!! 

Brush, CO is a little further away.  We could make a little adventure out of it.  First, Colorado Springs leaves, then Denver.  Drive to Brush, meet at such-and-so time.  Do a little charging, talk, socialize.  Then drive straight South on Highway 71, a paved, two lane highway.  It is 75 miles to Limon, CO, where there is another six-position Supercharger.  Plug in, eat in Limon, talk, and then anyone from Denver can drive on home via I-70, and Colorado Springs attendees can drive on home via Hwy 24.  What do you think?  TWO road trips in the middle of winter (weather permitting)? 

Remember the Cripple Creek, CO Ice Festival, Saturday February 18, 2017!  Mark your calendars.  If the weather is bad, or the roads are icy and dangerous, this event (for us) will be CANCELLED!  We will probably go have lunch somewhere in Cripple Creek during this event.  There will further information provided as we get closer to the event.  More information:

January CSEVC meeting cancelled!
Since there is little interest in attending a CSEVC meeting in the middle of winter, we have decided to not have a monthly get-together in January.  The Ice Festival will constitute the February meeting.  Since there are many rallies/drives/events during the spring and summer, we will probably go to quarterly meetings or have the meetings in conjunction with our events.  Let us know your thoughts!

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