Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Monday, April 11, 2016

Hot off the Parking Lot floor...

We received a lovely note from Lesley at the Canopy Parking Lot in Commerce City. I'm happy all our members were polite and behaved themselves. Her letter is below.
Hi Wilson,

It was a pleasure meeting you in person and thank you again for making the drive to our facility. We had a great time hosting everyone, it was fun to get to know everyone and learn more about EV’s and renewable energy.

I greatly appreciate you sharing the photos. I would love to share these on our Facebook page and we will mention CSEVC and DEVC to our 4,000 followers.

Thank you again for coming to see to what Canopy is all about, we hope to see you back soon.


Photos from the event below.

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  1. Tesla Enthusiasts, 

    I want to warn you all about canopy parking at DIA, Denver International Airport. 

    They have been decent until my experience last week. 

    They damaged the passenger seat in my Tesla P85D.   The seat was moved forward all of the way and would not move back.  I parked in Valet, they will charge the vehicle. 
    When I came back last Monday night late 4/25 the passenger seat was broken,  the attendants on duty were disturbed and apologetic,  “sorry do not worry” ,  “we will get the car fixed” .   I was there an extra hour trying to figure out what happened.    I still do not know how this damage was done. 

    I brought the car to the Tesla Denver service center the next day.  The service center is excellent,  they had a full schedule but still got me in.  They tried to move the seat back.    The damage is so severe, the right side of the motor shaft stripped, the seat will not move.  The motor shaft and the gear are one piece and part of the seat assembly.   There is no way to release the seat. 

    The annual inspection was done April 12, the car was perfect.   

    The repair requires a new lower seat, the cost $1289.66    Canopy parking’s parent is Pro Park they have denied the claim.  The claims manager was rude and unapologetic. 

    I have been patient all week, left messages for the manager, Pete (never called back) , the claims people and the assistant manager,  On Friday the claims manager called and said we are not paying anything. 
    I explained the car was perfect when it was parked and damaged when I returned, clearly they caused the damage.   He did not care.   He kept repeating,   “I am denying the claim.” 

    The claims manager was rude, he was bothered that I called him and left messages.    They are a horrible company.   I have consulted with council to make this right.