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Drive Sustainable!
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Tesla Rally - Custer, SD 2019

Thanks to the Witters for more photos of Custer, SD!

The gathering of the Tesla Mixer at the Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company.

With ~80 Teslas, parking gets a bit tough. Note the Rocket Motel in the background, which has Tesla (Elon) related historical significance to the city of Custer.

Inside the Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company building. This is only about half the folks. the owner(?) is trying his best to get Mac and the rest of his crew to pipe down.

I got lost in the fog and found this road. Note I folded in mirrors to get through.

Custer's last Charge?  Besides this "last stand" there are over 20 destination chargers in Custer. Hey! Isn't that Mac's silver X?

I was hoping to find Robert & Elizabeth's Burple Model S parked here. My favorite place.

"Gentlemen. Start your motors." This is the Pizza Works pit stop. It was once the city's opera house.

Inside the Pizza Works where people were presented gifts for their amazing accomplishments. Emcee Mac and the Chamber of Commerce folks kept it lively. Wish my other photos were presentable.

A fun contest was doing "Carfies" This was the only herd of bison I found in the region, including Custer State Park. 

Setting up for the shot of the day at Crazy Horse Memorial.

Where's MY Tesla?  This must be the official Rally mascot.

Kinda what the official shots should look like, once all the Teslas are in position.

Wow! Wish I could have gotten a license plate that said this. This is the advantage of registering in South Dakota.


The 2019 Tesla Rally in Custer, SD has the most people attending of all the rally's, over 70 cars and 43 of those are  new to the event. Thanks to Mac McCauley and Dan Rosenblatt for the photos!

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