Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Newsletters - 2019

Sent out on March 14, 2019:

Hello all members of the Colorado Springs Electric Vehicle Club! 
 Mac McCauley here! 
NEWS!!  We ought to have a general membership meeting!  Maybe over at one of our favorite places, the Garden of the Gods Trading Post?  How about April 6th or 13th (both are Saturdays).  Any preferences?  It’s always tons of fun to fill up that Eastern Parking Lot full of EVs!!! Let us know!!
The $35,000 Tesla:  If anyone in the club is ordering the VERY BASE MODEL Tesla Model 3, (called Standard Range, Standard interior), please let us know!  When you get it, we will probably call a little Club Meeting!!  MANY of us would like to see your new car, touch it, taste it, feel it, and generally ogle it!!  Reluctant?  We might buy you lunch!!
MEETINGS and EVENTS:  At It seems that the weather is slightly improving now, and EV owner’s thoughts turn to meetings and events!!  All winter, we have been trying to keep warm in our cars, (and keep the damn road salt off them), waiting for a chance to show them off!  It’s about time now!  Let me try to summarize a listing of car/EV shows and events coming up this month:
March 23 (Saturday), 10 AM to 3 PM:  “Car Show of the Future,” Palmer High School North Parking lot, 301 N. Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO.  Environment Colorado, a non-profit organization, is trying to raise awareness of EVs.  This is their FIRST car show ever.  Wilson, Dan, James, Tom and I met with the show’s organizers months ago!  This show was originally scheduled for MONDAY, then FRIDAY!!  I, (Mac) literally did everything I could to get it changed to Saturday.  Finally, they relented, and SATURDAY it is!  This show will go “rain (or snow) or shine.”  They say, “light snacks provided.”  You DO NOT have to stay the whole time!  The organizers want you to RSVP to them:  Several of us will be there (unless the weather does not cooperate). 
March 26 (Tuesday), 5:30 – 7:00 PM:  Pueblo County, and the Pueblo Library District will be presenting “Know Before you go Electric,” at the Pueblo West Library, 298 South Joe Martinez Boulevard, Pueblo, Colorado.  Since Pueblo has NO EV club, WE ARE IT!  This sort of a not-too-good day for us, but the time is not too bad.  We told them we will have a few cars there.  They would like EV owners WHO DO NOT MIND GIVING RIDES to prospective owners.  It is not a static show.  There are new Level 2 and 3 Chargepoint chargers in the library parking lot!  You can see a flyer for this show (with more info) on the website.
March 30 (Saturday), 8:30 – 11:00 AM:  WEATHER PERMITTING!!!  Last Saturdays Car Show - Bass Pro Shops.  Every last Saturday of the month, March through October 2019 the Bass Pro Shop in Northern Colorado Springs will be hosting a FREE car show. Several of us usually attend. 
COMING UP IN APRIL:  (More info will be coming to you on these). 
April 20, 2019 (Saturday) - Earth Day Celebration at Garden of the Gods Visitors Center, Colorado Springs from 9:00am - 3:00pm in the North Parking Lot.  They are looking for just FOUR EVs!!!  If we just send four, we ought to send four really different EVs, not just 4 Tesla Model Ss.  If you want to go over there for a six hour show, especially if you have an unusual vehicle, please contact Wilson, who will grease the Earth Day skids for you. 
May 17-19, 2019.  The BIG Custer, SD Tesla rally.  For more info, see below.
May 26, 2019 (Sunday) – The Hot Wheels – Cool Rides INDOOR Car Show, 10 AM – 4 PM.  The location is the Colorado Springs Event Center, 3960 Palmer Park Blvd.  Ace Entertainment is sponsoring this new show, and also sponsors the Old Colorado City Car Show and the First Saturdays Car shows.  Ace is buds with Wilson.  He sets us up with good show locations.  This particular show costs $35.  More news later.
June 9, 2019 - Saturday - Concours D'Elegance, 9:00am - 3:00pm. This is the premiere exotic car show of the year! It takes place at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, CO.  Visit their website at
June 22, 2019 (Saturday) – Colorado Springs Utilities annual open house/efficiency expo on Mesa Road.  We (the club) have attended this event for YEARS!  Lots of foot traffic, lots of interest!  We will be there this year.  More news later.
Sometime in July:  Our annual Bishop’s Castle trip.  VERY MANY of our members have already been there, is there still an interest in going once again?  If you have not seen it, it is shockingly strange!!  If you want to go, is any particular day better for you?  I will lead the gang yet again if there is enough interest!!  (You need a long-range EV to do this trip). 
July 27, 2019 (Saturday) – Sustain-a-Fest, the entire Acacia Park, downtown Colorado Springs, NOON TO SEVEN PM!!!  That’s a long time!  We, (CSEVC) will coordinate different members coming and going after staying a couple or three hours.  Please coordinate with Wilson later in July to coordinate times.
You can contact me here: 

Tesla Owners:  It is now time to start thinking about the BIG annual Tesla rally in Custer, SD:
The BIGGEST, BIG DEAL Tesla event in this part of the country happens annually in May.  This year it happens May 17-19 2019.  Several of us go up on Thursday May 16th.  Due to superchargers, it is now a pretty easy drive.  People come from all over the country!  This year will be the SIXTH annual Tesla roundup.  If you have not made this event yet, you have missed a lot!  Every Tesla owner should go at least once.  It is an amazing trip.  You can find more information here: 
Since the date has been set, the Custer hotels tend to fill up rapidly.  CSEVC members tend to like to hang out together and usually tend to stay at one of three hotels, which are all located next-door to each other.  The Headquarters is usually the Holiday Inn Express, and BJ and I have reserved a room there.  The other two hotels are the Super 8, and the Comfort Inn.  Read this:
You will never get the posted special event rates online!  You MUST call direct to the hotel front desk to get the rate.  Remember to request the special Tesla Rally rate.  Here are the hotel front desk phone numbers for the above three hotels:
Holiday Inn Express:  1-605-673-2500.  I believe they are closed in the winter.  You can try leaving a message.  If no luck, call the Super 8, I believe they can make the HIE reservation for you, both hotels are owned by the same person. 
Super 8 Hotel:  1-605-673-2200
Comfort Inn & Suites:  1-605-673-3221
BEWARE:  Do not go through any of the below PSEUDO-BOOKING SITES like: 
They will charge your credit card in one second and you will NEVER get a refund or adjustment.
When you have your reservation, be sure to let me (Mac) know that you are going. 
I will put you on a separate list and keep you informed of the progress on this event.  If you can make it, you will never regret going!  There may be around 100 assorted Teslas!  BJ and I have been to EVERY ONE of these, this will be our SIXTH time! 
Pikes Peak:  The VERY POPULAR tourist attraction here in Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak cog railway, which last year took almost a HALF MILLION people to the top, has gotten too old and the owners decided to shut it down.  After 126 years of continuous operation, the problems have become insurmountable.  There are only TWO cog railways in the USA, and only 40 in the entire world!  100% of all track, trains, cars, spare parts, and other equipment must be imported.  Working at 14,000 + feet is VERY DIFFICULT!  The owners decided that to fix the railway right, it will cost up to $100 million dollars.  Recently, Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs decided to give the company some tax breaks, which helps.  It now appears that the owners will go ahead fix the railway, but it will be out of commission for at least two years!
Add to this:  The City of Colorado Springs has wanted to replace that old, outdated Summit house for a long time.  They finally got the $$ together to do it!  THAT will also take TWO YEARS!  Now, all the folks who used to take the cog train to the top will have to go by CAR!!  Once they get there, NO PARKING!  The construction of the new Summit House will use up a third of the parking lot!  The city has decided that the only way they can remain open is to park everyone in a lower-level parking lot and BUS people to the top!  NO TESLAS OR ANY OTHER EVs at the summit!  It appears that our VERY POPULAR trip to the summit of Pikes Peak is DEAD for now!  Denver Tesla Club, please reconsider your Mt Evans trip!  (Update:  Mac is working with the City of Colorado Springs to resurrect the EV drive to the summit, if possible, for this year)!!!
Great Sand Dunes NP:  Still watching (and WAITING and WAITING) for a brand new supercharger to be installed near Alamosa.  When that happens, we will plan a brand new annual trip to the Great Sand Dunes NP.  Due to the distance, it will probably have to be at least one overnight, probably two.  We will work to get discounted room rates for us.  The sand dunes are AMAZING!!
Be sure to check out your club’s website, CSEVC dot Com
 My undying thanks to Wilson Hitchings, our webmaster, who keeps the site so interesting!!
 Questions?  Comments?  Compliments?  Email me.  Complaints?  Email Wilson.  (Heh heh). 

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