Drive Sustainable!

Drive Sustainable!
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Newsletters - 2018

Sent out Jan. 6, 2018:

Hello all members of the Colorado Springs Electric Vehicle Club! 
 Mac McCauley here! 
Did you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s?  We sure hope so!  Standby for NEWS:
  1. Let’s have a MEETING!
  2. Want to make a pilgrimage to the Tesla Factory in Fremont, (plus the Gigafactory)?
  3. Big Custer, SD Tesla rally dates set!  Make plans!
  4. Ever use  Tesla makes their own trip planner.
We have one of these general membership meetings only about every quarter, so COME ON OUT!  It is almost time for a WINTER general membership meeting.  We are going to get together Saturday, January 27th 2018.  How about if we meet up at NOON to talk EVs and then go in to eat lunch?  Let’s DO it!  It will either be COLD AS HELL or NICE AND WARM!  Where?  How about one of our favorite places, the Garden of the Gods Trading Post in Colorado (Manitou) Springs!  Address: 324 Beckers Lane, Manitou Springs, CO 80829.  The Eastern parking lot will be coned off just for us!  Drive around the cones or move one to get into that parking lot.  Come early so we can all talk for awhile.  Put it on your calendar NOW!  You will get another reminder a few days prior to the event.  Here is something interesting about the Trading Post:  They have stopped having weddings and meetings downstairs in the conference room.  They now have the entire downstairs stuffed with BOXES OF MERCHANDISE!  They will reserve a place for us to eat together, upstairs in the restaurant.  Come on out and see all the EVs and talk EVs with us!  Have lunch!  Good food at the Trading Post!  Tons of fun for everyone!  We've had loads of new members since our last meeting, please come and meet us.  Put it on your calendar now!
2.  Want to make a pilgrimage to the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA, (plus the Gigafactory)? 
Your intrepid CSEVC Webmaster, Wilson Hitchings, has decided to make a ROAD TRIP to the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA.  If possible, they will stop by the Gigafactory in Nevada, on the way.  Looks like the time frame will be this summer sometime!  He is open to suggestions, THEREFORE:  If you really are interested an accompanying Wilson in the great Tesla road trip, YOU GET A VOTE:  Just hit REPLY and tell Wilson what days (or range of days) this summer would be good for you.  (If you cannot go, you don’t get a vote).  Those of you who express interest in this trip will be put on a list by Wilson, who will tally the votes and keep you informed on progress.  We do not believe this trip can be reasonably done in less than 5 days. 
3.   Big Custer, SD Tesla rally dates set!  May 18 – 20, 2018!!  Make plans!
The BIGGEST, BIG DEAL Tesla event in this part of the country happens annually in May.  People come from all over the country!  This year will be the FIFTH annual Tesla roundup.  If you have not made this event yet, you have missed a lot!  Every Tesla owner should go at least once.  It is an amazing trip.  You can find more information HERE:
Since the date has been set, the Custer hotels tend to fill up rapidly.  CSEVC members tend to like to hang out together and usually tend to stay at one of three hotels, which are all located next-door to each other.  The Headquarters is usually the Holiday Inn Express, and BJ and I have reserved a room there.  Wilson is short on vacation time and must miss this particular trip.  The other two hotels are the Super 8, and the Comfort Inn.  Read this:
You will never get the posted special event rates online!  You MUST call direct to the hotel front desk to get the rate.  Remember to request the special Tesla Rally rate.  Here are the hotel front desk phone numbers for the above three hotels:
Holiday Inn Express:  1-605-673-2500.  I believe they are closed in the winter.  You can try leaving a message.  If no luck, call the Super 8, I believe they can make the HIE reservation for you, both hotels are owned by the same person. 
Super 8 Hotel:  1-605-269-0640. 
Comfort Inn & Suites:  1-480-725-1632
BEWARE:  Do not go through any of the below PSEUDO-BOOKING SITES like: 
They will charge your credit card in one second and you will NEVER get a refund or adjustment.
When you have your reservation, be sure to let me (Mac) know that you are going. 
I will put you on a separate list and keep you informed of the progress on this event.  If you can make it, you will never regret going!  There may be around 100 assorted Teslas! 
 4.  Ever use  Tesla creates their own trip planner.
Tesla has created their own trip planner, where you can plot multistate trips.  Although it is mainly intended for potential Tesla owners, it’s kind of handy when thinking about making a road trip.  It covers all CURRENT Tesla production models, but not the old battery types, like 60 KWH or even 85 KWH!  It will still give you a good estimated route with supercharging noted, how much and where.  Give it a try:
For all you other EV owners (non-Tesla owners).  SORRY!  There isn’t much going on in the winter!  Too darn cold!  Every one of you no matter what you are driving are welcome at our general membership meeting!  Charge up that homebuilt electric VW and come on over!  See you at the meeting on Jan 27th!!
Be sure to check out your club’s website, CSEVC dot Com
 My undying thanks to Wilson Hitchings, our webmaster, who keeps the site so interesting!!
 Questions?  Comments?  Compliments?  Email me.  Complaints?  Email Wilson.  (Heh heh). 


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